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DESIGN TIPS: How to Choose a Paint Color

Choosing a paint color is not an easy task. It really takes some thought and time. The right color paint in a room can make it. The wrong one can break it. Here are a few pointers on choosing the right color for you.

  1. Consider the type of light that comes into your room. Is it cool or warm?  If a room faces north for instance, you might want to use warm colors like tan, beige, warm whites, reds, rust, instead of grays and blues.
  2. Start with a color source like a painting or printed fabric and pull colors from that. Don’t just pick any color and put it on your wall. There needs to be a reason for it.
  3. When you’ve selected the color you think you will like, choose a couple colors near it in the paint deck that are lighter. Purchase all 3 colors in small amounts and paint swatches on your wall. Then live with them for a few days and decide which one you like. This way you won’t paint an entire room and then decide you don’t like it.
  4. If you want to use a deep color like red or indigo decide if you will be comfortable with it on all four walls. These colors will make a room feel smaller. You can paint just one wall in a strong color and it will still make an impact.
  5.  Make sure the color is one that makes you feel happy. If it’s a popular color but you aren’t drawn to it, don’t use it. Your home should be a comforting, happy place.
  6. Paint Shown is Benjamin Moore, an eco friendly company with low VOC’s. Want to know the numbers of the swatches shown? Just e-mail me at letitialittle@letitialittle.com.

Letitia Little is a licensed, award winning interior designer in Minneapolis, MN. visit www.letitialittle.com for more info.

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