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Keynote Speaker for the Student Interior Design Expo

LETITIA LITTLE, PRESIDENT OF LETITIA LITTLE INTERIOR DESIGN.INC. was the Keynote Speaker for the Student Interior Design Expo at International Market Square on February 5, 2010.

Letitia presented “Back to Basics” to over 400 students from the 5 state region. The power point presentation covered the elements and principles of interior design and how to create a well integrated design project, as well as tips on how to get a job after graduation.  It was well received by an enthusiastic audience.

Letitia Little, Allied ASID, CID, Green AP, has been a residential interior designer for 30 years. She has a BFA in Interior Design and is an Adjunct Instructor at DCTC in Rosemount. Her work has been published in MSP Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, Star Tribune, Spaces Magazine and HGTV’s Room for Change. She specializes in new home construction and remodeling, including kitchen and bath.


Color is the most powerful element of  Design and it is the most personal. Each one of us has a color preference: certain colors that  we are drawn to  based on our past experiences, present influences and where we live. Popular color palettes are always changing thereby creating excitement in our everyday environments.

The newest color groupings are based on:

Rich, earthy  tribal hues embued with a bit of mystery and influenced by African and Native American cultures.

Fresh, exuberant  florals  and bright juicy colors found in nature can evoke warm sunny days and carefree vacations to tropical locals.

Colors reminiscent of past eras can be found in antiques, artisan pieces and flea market finds. Layered paint, rough textured old wood, and mellowed finishes appeal to a sense of history.

Calm , subtle, translucent hues with shimmer and clarity create a simplified and sophisticated palette with style.

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Colors by Sherwin Williams


GLAZED FLOOR AND WALL TILES are coated with glass-forming minerals and ceramic stains. Can look like real stone, marble and slate without the expense. Suitable on floors and walls.

PORCELAIN TILE COLORBODY™ is the densest of all tile types and has a color-through body. It has <0.50% water absorption. Porcelain can withstand temperature extremes, heavy foot traffic and may be used indoors and out. Has the look of natural stone and is easy to clean. Needs no sealing.

MOSAIC TILE is usually 3×3” or smaller and is available in glazed ceramic, glazed porcelain, unglazed ColorBody ™ porcelain and glass. Provides the use of  two or more colors in a tile design.

NATURAL STONE is beautiful , durable and enduring. Stone naturally lacks uniformity and contains wide variations in shade. These aspects enhance it’s natural appeal.


Field Tile makes up the bulk of a tile application. Generally offered in neutral colors.

Accent Tile provides a color accent to Field tile. Comes in bright , vivid colors.

Decorative Tile is coordinated with field tile featuring colors and relief.

Trim Tile matches field tile and comes in special shapes for special purposes ie: corners, floor and wall transitions.

Letitia Little is a licensed, award winning interior designer in Minneapolis, MN. Visit www.letitialittle.com for more info.

TILE. An Unexpected GREEN Product

Tile is an excellent choice for floors, walls, countertops and backsplashes. It is durable, beautiful and enduring and it is also an excellent green product for residential and commercial applications.

Here are a few aspects of tile that make it an excellent choice for sustainability:

  • Tile is made from natural plentiful raw materials such as clay, sand, feldspar, quartz.
  • Tile does not harbor allergens, mold or mildew and does not emit VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).
  • Tile is fired using natural gas, one of the cleanest burning fuels available.
  • Most tile manufacturers us pre-consumer recycled raw materials and some post consumer recycled materials.
  • Most tile manufactures recycle  90 – 100% of the water used in production.
  • Water based glazes are used by most companies.
  • Tiles produced domestically use less fuel in shipping
  • Tile that has been discarded will not leech toxic materials
  • Many manufactures will re- landscape with indigenous plants to create habitat for wildlife after a clay pit has been depleted.

Tile companies who practice the above measures are American Olean, American Florim, SYZYGY, Mirage. These tiles and more can be found a Rubble Tile in Minnetonka, MN.

Letitia Little is a licensed, award winning interior designer in Minneapolis, MN. Visit www.letitalitle.com for more info.

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